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GTC deals with turnkey projects in the field of Waste to energy, Alternate energy and new energy. We have started marketing biomass based power plants, where all kind of requirements are sourced from our counterparts from various countries especially India.

Biomass power is carbon nonpartisan power produced from inexhaustible natural waste that would somehow be dumped in landfills, transparently consumed, or left as grain for woods fires.

Whenever consumed, the vitality in biomass is discharged as warmth. On the off chance that you have a chimney, you as of now are taking an interest in the utilization of biomass as the wood you consume in it is a biomass fuel.

In biomass power plants, wood squander or other waste is scorched to create steam that runs a turbine to make power, or that gives warmth to businesses and homes. New advances including contamination controls and ignition designing — have progressed to the point that any outflows from consuming biomass in modern offices are for the most part not as much as emanations created when utilizing petroleum derivatives (coal, gaseous petrol, oil).

Likewise with any electrical generator, the plant needs an unfaltering supply of fuel. In all cases, ReEnergy has providers to convey a constant flow of biomass, and has connected with different providers to guarantee the plant have what it requires. What’s more, we make fuel for different biomass customers — and in addition different items — at our reusing offices.

When anything is scorched, it can make discharges and fiery remains. Our plants have cutting edge cleaning forms that keep emissions underneath state administrative levels, and to reuse the byproducts

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