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GTC deals with turnkey projects in the field of waste to energy, Alternate energy and new energy. The company provides maximum value and services to its clients by bringing in competent professionals of high caliber to consistently deliver the plant on time and achieve the performance standards. GTC supply equipment and subsystems of plants such as Boilers, Steam turbines, Cooling Tower, Fuel/Ash Handling Systems and Water treatment plants.

GTC also take up refurbishment work in the existing power plants in different ways by analyzing the available system.
• Up gradation & modernization of those old existing Boilers with guaranteed efficiency increase
• Repair & maintenance of Steam Turbines, Hydro Turbines etc.
• O & M Annual Contracts

GTC provides turnkey services in the following areas

GTC professionals in the past have successfully executed Power Plants for the following customers.

  • Stuk Biomass(10MW) – Boiler & turbine Island from India executed on turnkey basis.
  • Travelling Grate System, Soot Blower and ESP for a new 120tph boiler at Phitsanulok Sugar
  • Travelling Grate System for 3 x 50tph boiler at Thai Multipication Industry, Kanchanaburi
  • Travelling Grate System for 50tph, 90tph boiler TRR Sugar Mill, Petchabun
  • 200tph boiler island on turnkey basis for Baanrai Sugar Mill, Uthaithani
  • 200tph boiler island on turnkey basis for TRR Sugar Mill, Sithep, Petchabun
  • 200tph boiler island on turnkey basis for Saharuang Sugar, Mukdahan
  • 10 MW power plant design, detailed engg., with 50tph, 93bar Boiler on turnkey basis for Tang Sae Yiang Green Power Co.,Ltd.,
  • A 6MW power plant,with 35tph Boiler for Pichai Thanyachat Co., Ltd., at Uttradit
  • 6tph & 10tph boilers for Siam Heart Oil Co.,Ltd., at Chachengsao
  • Regular supplier of Soot Blowers for German-Thai Boiler Engg. Cooperation Ltd.
  • Water Jet Cleaning of fire tube side of 2 X 120tph Boiler for Dan Chang Bio-Energy
  • Travelling Grate System for 120tph boiler for Baanrai Sugar Mill
  • ESP turnkey supply for 90tph, 120tph & 200tph boilers for Thai Roong Ruang Industry Co.,Ltd.
  • ESP turnkey supply for 200tph boiler at Baanrai Sugar Mill
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